Fully Open Source UI Tools to create multi-purpose Web Apps & Application Services

CMS and Dashboards built on top of ASP.Net Core / Dotnet Core, SignalR, Angular.JS and Bootstrap.

Area of expertise

Create Web Frameworks

We have created the tools that will help you in your next project. From simple to complex kits, we've got you covered in all areas regarding web/mobile development.

Share Freebies

Everything that we used to create our products can be downloaded for free under GPLv3 License. People have already trusted and used them in thousands of sites.

Power Hackathons

We've sponsored many hackathons around the world with the tools that they need to make awesome web applications. Our Web tools go hand in hand with startups.

Our technologies

Our products are built on top of modern frameworks. Having the coded and the designed versions for the same framework, your designers and developers will talk the same language.

Solutions for you

Creating your web from scratch with the dedicated experience development team can be very expensive. Using our solutions you don't have to worry about any enterprise technical solutions. Save time and money by focusing on the business model.

mixcore for Developers

Build the open web apps & application services with mixcore

Mixcore is an open-source enterprise CMS that helps you deliver ambitious, elegant, and performant digital experiences at scale.

Leverage an API-first, Dynamic Module-Attribute Dimension architecture, robust infrastructure / configuration management, and unparalleled extensibility to build the web of the future.

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mixcore for Marketing

In a world full of templates & components, be original

Mixcore is an essential part of your marketing ecosystem - with content-first, commerce-first, and community-first marketing solutions to achieve the most ambitious business goals.

Flexible infrastructure design and incredible scalability, as a full web/app-solution for multi-channel, means your representation in-market is as unique as your brand.

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mixcore for Agencies

Achieve your clients’ ambitions

Achieve your client’s business goals with mixcore digital experiences that proliferate their brand, fosters engagement, and drives conversions.

Customizable and scalable to match your clients’ ambition. Build the dream solution using Mixcore’s API-first and Dynamic Module-Attribute Dimention architecture and third party integrations. Gain the power of the largest open source community.

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Plenty out of the box features

Open source! However, mixcore got everythings that you needs for your website / application!


Member roles and permissions.

High Security

Strong Data Encryption and Security compliance.


Flexible multilingual content migration.

High Performance

Millisecond response time.

Cross Platforms

Powered by .NET Core and run everywhere.

Online Coding

Visual Studio Code's heart inside.

Customizable Designs

Build any kinds of website.

SEO Friendly

No extra plugin required.

Media Management

Multiple file formats for your website / application.

Manage On The Go

Manage and Code everywhere you want.

Easy and Accessible

Non deep tech knowledge required.


Inside Google Analytics dashboard & no extra plugin required.

Dynamic Modular Architecture

Powerful module layers & Attribute sets feature.


API-first architecture for Plug & Play.

Easy Backup

Powerful 1 step export.

More Coffee time!

You can relax and explore more ton of features are not listed here...

Developers and Companies around the world using our products.

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You need more information? Drop us a message to contact@mixcore.org